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FedEx Cup

9/1/2022 8:22:44 AM

I like the process and starting scores. Like NASCAR someone starts in the front row because they earned it. Baseball, Football, wild card teams can Win it all, odds are not in their favor but they can. Look at what Rory did, at 1 point he was 13 strokes behind. Now does that mean he had the best year, no, but neither does a Wild Card Team winning the Super Bowl. NBA teams make the playoffs with a 500 record. To me it was exciting and no matter what anyone claims when 1 shot cost you $12m your thinking about it.

Trump Courses LIV

9/1/2022 7:56:17 AM

My 2 cents again, why are people so down on Trump for having LIV at Trump owned courses. He is a business man and he is getting paid to use the course. There are also numerous vendors, tents, bleachers, concessions, hotels, restaurants, economic impart to the area besides the Trump course. No one wants to talk about the locals making money off LIV. People let it go, from an economic stand point this is good for all.

LIV is not Tournament Golf

9/1/2022 7:50:18 AM

I have nothing against players moving over to LIV to play for money. It is not Tournament Golf, they have nothing on the line, they are getting paid to show up and attempt to entertain. I think if they took that approach and stopped trying to say they are the next PGA Tour people might except what they are doing. I think they have a bigger battle than they think, who can name who won the first 3 events. Who really cares who won the first 3 events.

Gooch - LIV like Ryder Cup

7/7/2022 6:47:50 AM

Are you kidding me, LIV has almost no one attending and no TV coverage, just online. The field is not even KORN FERRY quality. He has never been a Ryder Cup Team, how would be even know. Face it, LIV is like a Pro being paid to attend a Corp Outing. You get paid to show up, smile, hit some shots and put $$$ in your pocket. LIV I will show up anytime and play for last place money, nothing up front.

LIV Money

7/1/2022 7:27:21 AM

My slight defense of players taking the money from this source. We use their Oil everyday for many things, I don't see anyone in the US saying lets turn off Oil from there so we can pay $10 to $15 a gallon for Gas. So from that point of view, hard to tell any of these players turn down big paydays because you don't like where the money came from. If I was a low tier player with someone putting up this much for working less, I would probably take it.

LIV Event 2

7/1/2022 7:22:33 AM

Look at the scores again, only 14 players are Even or better, almost half the field is not even competitive. How is this better from a Golf as a competition, it's not. With the exception of about 5 players, none of these people could win on the PGA Tour now, at 1 time in their career yes, not now. Each event just seems like a typical Fund Raising Scramble we all have played in. Not sure this will ever draw in Business Acceptance as this groups hopes.

Bryson LIV

6/14/2022 7:31:29 AM

I think he is the only one making a mistake. Way to young to be taking PGA Tour out of the picture. They must be giving him a 9 digit check, but long term when you already have money making a decision like this for just more money, think twice. In general LIV is doing some neat ideas, but follow the money, where is it coming from.

Phil - LIV - Tour

6/14/2022 7:26:52 AM

I give Phil only 1 break, he is a life time member of PGA which means he should be able to play when/where he wants. All the other guys are for the money only, which is OK, just say it.


6/12/2022 4:53:39 AM

LIV before you throw away millions at male players that are not really at the top anymore, think about just helping out existing Tours other than PGA Tour. LPGA, Latin, Asian Tours, help those Tours effect the communities they play in, that would bring you into the fold. Stop now and PGA Tour will probably let these players back in after a small window of time.

Norman and LIV

6/12/2022 4:48:11 AM

Best mistake LIV made, hiring Norman. Not sure how they did not know but if they wanted to have any chance of PGA Tour being friendly Norman is not it. Norman and the Tour have never gotten along, the door closed for LIV as soon as his name came into play. If LIV wanted to be accepted someone like Susie Whaley, very respected female in the golf world. You get the point anyone but Norman.

LIV Event 1

6/12/2022 4:43:21 AM

Best I could tell the only way to view was web based. Small field with only 48 players, that would be OK but only 8 of 48 ended up under par. Look at how many where +10 or more, not golf most people want to watch. Seems more like an exhibition event. From a UAE is looking to be more accepted in the world for business, not sure this is going to do that. From the players point of view, with the exception of Gooch, Bryson you totally understand why they would do it, money. The bulk of the players are at the end of their careers so taking a Pay Check from LIV makes sense. Days will tell us.


6/4/2022 5:04:22 PM

Can you really blame guys for taking free money to play golf. If the number for Dustin is correct, WOW, $125m, you sure would like to know the details of what does he have to do for that money. Like I said in an earlier post older guys that don't want to grind any more, that money is hard to pass up. Not sure why the PGA Tour is so afraid of this tour, not sure that many guys would go do it anyway.


5/15/2022 3:36:10 PM

That is just plain crazy, -26. That is putting 4 incredible rounds together. 3 other guys at -24. Don't think you will see that kind of play at the PGA. Good to see Texas boys do well. Congrats to Lee, well done.


5/15/2022 2:48:25 PM

What is Normans deal with wanting a different tour? If you recall, he tried this many years ago attempting to start a World Tour and that is where the 4 World Golf Events came from. PGA Tour taking his idea and stopping his attempt at a second tour. Again, why would he even do this, all it can do is hurt his own brand. Jordan was once asked why he never talked politics; his reply why make half the people that buy my products mad. Norman all you can do here is make others mad.

Phil Phil Phil

5/15/2022 2:42:50 PM

If you can't come back for the PGA, when do you think you can come back. Sometimes you just have to face the music, should have gone for a practice round face the media and got it out of the way. Phil always been a tad off pudding for me, thinks a great deal of himself. Go join Norman, collect the money you should not need.

Bryon Nelson 2022

5/13/2022 5:13:15 AM

Can you imagine round 1 guy shoots -12, you shoot +6, 18 shoot behind in 1 round, had to go play Fri knowing you can barely make the cut or know you need to shoot -10 or better to get back in it. How does Sebastian come out of no where and shoot 60, 28 on the back. On the back 4 under after 3 holes, my mind out go nuts and the putter never draw back. Great job Munoz, probably could not sleep last night. Go for it, run away with this title.

Wells Fargo

5/9/2022 5:21:17 AM

Weather made for some strange looking golf. Sun did not seem like either Homa or Bradley wanted to win. Lots of circles and squares on both cards. Bradley 2 doubles, hard for anyone to survive that. Homa 2 win season, nice work.

Golf Weekend - Champions

5/9/2022 5:15:23 AM

Most interesting thing of this weekend was Couples using Lacava's son as his caddy. Possible new career, get the right bag it does pay well. Congrats to Steve Flesh nice win. String finish with a 3 way tie for second at 1 back. That tour can still play. Couples did finish 2nd, best finish in a while so there might be something with the caddie.

New Golf League

5/6/2022 10:09:44 AM

Not sure why anyone is worried about this. The only players they will get is Europeans to make more money than their current tour or US players at the end of their career and ability to make big money. My gut is this will tend to be like many NFL Revivals, very short lived. Once the backers see no real money flow they will cut their loses and bail out.

PGA Soon

5/3/2022 3:31:57 PM

Seems Tiger will play in major 2, PGA Championship, give the guy credit for trying and working to get this far. No matter his past or the result golf is better with him in it. The guy can play, maybe even be the GOAT. Hard to compare Sam, Jack and a few others.

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