Scorekeeper Information:

Hallson Golf ScoreKeeperHallson Golf Scorekeeper

Golf Course/Club Uses

  • Tournaments or Leagues
  • Tournaments for Members / Revenue for Course/Club
    • Process allows for members to signup
    • Allows Course/Club to monitor who has signed up
    • Option to track who has paid
    • Creation of Tee Times or Shotgun Tee Assignments
    • Print Version of Times/Assignments
    • Members can view Tournament Information, Updates and Tee Time or Tee Assignments Online
  • Weekly League Play
    • Revenue for Course/Club
    • All the tournament features apply
    • Enter the scores and use the POINT Process to promote compation, season prices, etc.
    • Members have access to see round result scores and points
    • Members have access to see season totals
  • Use the Calendar and/or Message Post to promote
    • Food Specials
    • Merchandise Offers
    • Lesson Offers
  • We can bulk load players/members - Simple XML format and contact us
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <member><name>A. Hall</name><account>HALL</account><email></email></member>
    <member><name>Tiger Woods</name><account>1234</account><email></email></member>
    <member><name>Nick Name</name><account>1212</account><email></email></member>
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