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Hallson Golf ScoreKeeperWorld Golf Handicap 2020

General Changes

  • The new math is (113 / Slope Rating) * (Score - Course Rating - Playing Condition between -1 and +3).
  • Max handicap is 54
  • Max score per hole is Hole Par + Handicap Strokes for that hole + 2, so if your an 18 handicap you get 1 stroke per hole. So on a par 3 your max score is 3 + 1 + 2, 6 strokes. So you now need to keep track of holes you get strokes. (Now some web sites report is it Double Bogey, but is is double after adding in your strokes.)
  • Your handicap if tracked by USGA will update daily, not twice a month.
  • Max movement of your handicap is 5 strokes per 12 months. see details below
  • 7 shots under normal score, will get adjusted 1 or 2
  • Playing condition adjustment, somewhere between -1.0 and +3.0, math not really explained yet
  • Courses will be asked to review handicaps of holes so they are based upon stats from rounds played. Today it tends to be length of hole or by what the Head Pro thought at the time.

Playing Condition

It will take 8 scores of 18 holes from players with 36 of less handicaps. From there the math is not being said. Somehow if the handicap index seems to be high, must mean playing conditions must have been hard, then the handicap indexes will be lowered 1, 2 or 3. If the course played easy today then hour handicap index could be raised by 1. What will be the standard deviation that will trigger the -1 or +1, +2, +3. It will be a whole number.

Exceptional Score

If your Score Differtial is 7 to 9.9 below normal, then -1 will be applied if the Score Differtial is 10 or more below normal then -2 will be applied. So normally your about a 2 handicap so a normal round is 74 on a par 72. You have a great day and shoot 62. You now at 10 so your 12 shots better your normal Score Differtial, so it will be reduced from 10 to 8.

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